Do you suffer from constant dizziness?

If you often feel dizzy, feel like your head is spinning, or have trouble keeping your balance, you may be suffering from what is called Vertigo. It could be an abnormality in your balance system, but it’s treatable. We offer vestibular and balance assessments and rehabilitation to help you feel normal again.

Why Visit Parr’s Pro Hearing With Balance and Dizziness Concerns?


State-of-the-Art Specialty Equipment

A vestibular evaluation starts with a complete diagnostic hearing evaluation to determine if there is a hearing loss configuration associated with dizziness. Then, your dizziness is evaluated checking all three systems involved utilizing premier VNG and other associated equipment.


Advanced Education and Training

Beyond maintaining up-to-date continuing education credits, all of our doctors are AIB Certified Providers and have received thorough vestibular training from Dr. Richard Gans.


Over 30 Years Experience

All of our doctors are experienced and fully-trained to help conquer balance and dizziness issues. Our expertise goes back as far as studying with Dr. Chuck Stockwell, a pioneer in vestibular disorders.


Expertise in Diagnostics and Treatments

We’ve helped hundreds of patients with their vestibular disorders – rest assured that we have the expertise to help.


American adults with a chronic balance problem


Adults ages 40+ with some from of balance dysfunction


Seniors ages 65+ with dizziness complaints

Your balance system has 3 categories of sensory inputs. They basically send information into your brain that helps you understand where you are in relation to the space around you. These 3 categories are called visual, vestibular, and somatosensory.


What you see


How you move


The information that gets sent up to the brain

The doctors at Parr’s Pro Hearing can help figure out which category is malfunctioning.

We start by doing a full diagnostic hearing and middle ear evaluation.

Then, we move into an ENG/VNG test. That’s short for Videonystagmography Vestibular Diagnostic System (say that 5 times fast!).

During the test, you wear video goggles that have infrared cameras. These cameras record your eye movement, which can help us figure out what is causing the issue in your balance system.

The ENG/VNG test specifically checks for 10 things. They may sound a bit medical, but we will explain your results in a way that you can understand.

1. Spontaneous Nystagmus

2. Gaze-evoked nystagmus

3. Smooth pursuit or tracking abnormalities

4. Saccade accuracy, latency and velocity

5. Weak optokinetic nystagmus

6. BPPV using the Dix-Hallpike maneuver

7. Positional nystagmus

8. Caloric weakness

9. Pressure induced nystagmus

10. Head-Shaking nystagmus

The doctors at Parr’s Pro Hearing are certified with the American Institute of Balance.

Once we find out what’s causing the issue, we explore treatment options.

vertigo treatment at parrs pro hearing

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is recommended based on the diagnosis as specific rehabilitation strategies correlate with specific underlying categorization of functional disability. Each diagnosis category has different symptoms using different strategies to produce needed outcomes. Experience and literature strongly indicate that the success of vestibular rehabilitation is related to applying the correct treatment to the appropriate corresponding dysfunction.

You don't have to live with dizziness forever.