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Dr. Parr with grandkids

Dr. Susan Parr Downsizes to Georgia Location

After over 30 years of practicing audiology in central Pennsylvania, I have decided to move south to spend more time with my grandchildren. The last day of my practice in Pennsylvania is December 31, 2020.

To all of my Georgia patients: I will continue to serve Demorest, Georgia in the Habersham Medical Center.

Best-In-Class Hearing Aid Technology

Parr’s Pro Hearing cares for patients by dispensing the most advanced hearing aids of all styles from major manufacturers. Take a look at some of the incredible technology available today.

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Hearing Loss and the Brain printable

Download "Hearing Loss and the Brain" – A Free Informational Printable

Research found an association between age-related hearing loss and cognitive function, impairment, and dementia.

Learn more about the evidence we have to explain how hearing loss impacts the brain – and what to do about it.

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Parr's Pro Hearing Location

Habersham Medical Center Main Entrance

Demorest, GA

Our newly renovated office is located in Habersham Medical Center where the old cardiac
rehabilitation office was – on the main floor next to the birthing center.

Habersham Medical Center
541 Historic Hwy, 441 North
Demorest, GA 30535
Habersham County

Our office can be reached by calling the Habersham Medical Center at 706-839-4000, and ask for extension 4050. You can also call our direct line below:


Monday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Tuesday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Wednesday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Thursdays, Fridays, and evening hours (after 5 p.m.) are available by appointment

parrs pro hearing waiting area


Dr. Susan Parr, Au.D. is a Board Certified audiologist who specializes in assessing, diagnosing and treating patients with hearing and balance disorders. Dr. Parr also holds a Vestibular Rehabilitation Certification and a Concussion Certification from the American Institute of Balance. Hearing problems occur in every age range, from birth to geriatrics. Dr. Parr can perform a complete assessment which includes: audiometric testing, auditory processing testing and rehabilitation, tinnitus evaluations, counseling and retraining therapy, otoacoustic emission testing, industrial hearing screenings, dizziness and balance testing and therapy, hearing aids and middle ear evaluations. Dr. Parr enjoys satisfying patients who have not been happy with previously fit hearing aids by using the most advanced technology to individually custom fit the patient’s hearing loss, needs and life style.

At Parr’s Pro Hearing, you can expect
more than just hearing aids

30+ years of experience

Dr. Susan Parr has over 30 years of experience diagnosing and treating hearing, tinnitus, and balance problems.

Patient-centered approach

You need more than just a hearing aid. Parr’s Pro Hearing takes the time to conduct a complete evaluation that you can actually understand.


Evidence-based procedures

Dr. Susan Parr has vast experience fitting hearing aids by using evidence-based procedures, validation, and real ear verification to ensure you receive your best hearing possible.

State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment

Hearing is a cognitive process — it happens in the brain. At Parr’s Pro Hearing, you can expect advanced technology and diagnostic equipment to give you accurate results.

What our patients have to say

You’ll hear your best. No more nodding and pretending to understand. Save yourself lots of frustration and money and trust the best expert in this area. I recommend Parr’s Pro Hearing 100%!
Steve Corbin

Best, most caring and dedicated audiologist ever! She really cares about the patient.
Anita Fostre Mauldin

She is the best audiologist in Habersham Co in GA I’ve ever been to. I sure do miss her!
Sharon Meyerholtz Standridge

Dr. Parr is an expert in her field, a leader for audiologists in Pennsylvania and nationally. There is no competition; she is amazing. This is not a typical doctor’s office where you leave with more questions than answers. She will take her time with you, and you’ll leave knowing and hearing better than ever.
Lucy Tence Corbin

Hearing Aids

At Parr’s Pro Hearing, you will find a full range of hearing instrument technologies from all the major hearing aid manufacturers. Hearing aids aren’t one-size-fits-all devices — that’s why we do an extensive diagnostic evaluation before selecting the device that meets your individual needs.


If you ever hear ringing, buzzing, humming, hissing, or roaring in your ears, you may be suffering from Tinnitus.  This condition affects 17% of the population and 33% of seniors. We will conduct an audiological evaluation to identify co-existing hearing loss along with a Tinnitus evaluation.

Balance Problems (Vertigo)

If you suffer from balance problems or dizziness, we may be able to help. Our Videonystagmography (ENG/VNG) Vestibular Diagnostic System allows our audiologists to assess problems of balance through a battery of tests. During testing, video goggles with infrared cameras record eye movement, called nystagmus, which can reveal abnormalities in the balance system.