Hearing protection is a must

If you regularly hear noises that are louder than a power mower, you need hearing protection. This is especially important for shooters, hunters, law enforcement, construction workers, musicians, and the like. 

The following professions put you at a high risk for noise-induced hearing loss.

Armed forces


We offer a full line of hearing protection options.


Protection from gun shots

For those exposed to shooting sounds, we recommend individually molded hearing protection. It’s comfortable and effective, and it doesn’t get in the way of your shooting positions.


Passive hearing protection

If you still need to hear your surroundings, we also offer passive hearing protection. This can be molded to your ear, and it protects you while still enabling you to hear the environment around you.


Protection for musicians and entertainers

For musicians, we can mold noise monitors to your ears, which helps you stay in the music while preventing further damage.

We understand your unique needs and can help protect your hearing.