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Dr. Susan Parr is a Board Certified Doctor of Audiology with over 30 years of extensive clinical experience diagnosing hearing and balance problems. Her team consists of Dr. Anna Bixler and herself, Dr. Susan Parr. Both Doctors of Audiology have extensive experience fitting hearing aids through evidence based procedures, validation, and real ear verification to ensure that patients receive their best possible hearing and understanding. Dr. Parr and Dr. Bixler offer the most thorough comprehensive evaluations and evidence-based procedures in the field of audiology utilizing the most advanced, state of the art diagnostic equipment in the profession today.

All patients receive a detailed explanation of all their test results and how best to proceed with their care. Patients will learn the impact on their life from the sounds that they are not hearing. If needed, Dr. Parr or Dr. Bixler will determine which hearing aid manufacturer and technology best solves their loss of understanding. This allows the patient to be a part of the conversation again!

If balance issues are the problem, Parrs Pro Hearing has the most advanced equipment to evaluate dizziness and to interpret the results. Dr. Parr is affiliated with the American Institute of Balance and is certified in vestibular rehabilitation.

Children with a history of ear infections or academic problems can be evaluated for auditory processing disorders. Based on the evaluation and diagnosis, a treatment plan will be determined.

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