We provide full diagnostic services — not just hearing aids

You deserve the best service, and in our offices, we take every precaution to make sure you’re receiving the treatment you really need. That’s why we provide full diagnostic services to evaluate your current hearing situation. While hearing aids are an important part of treating hearing loss, our focus is always on the best solution for you.

Hearing Aid Programming and Real Ear Verification Room
Dr Susan Parr performing a VNG in Georgia

Hearing Evaluations

In order to fit you with the right hearing aid, we do extensive hearing evaluations. We use advanced audiological equipment and proven protocols to diagnose you properly. We will discover your hearing loss type, the degree of loss, your word processing ability, and symmetry. All of this testing is performed in a sound-treated booth, and you can bet that everything we do meets ANSI standards. Our offices also specialize in infant hearing evaluations. We provide pediatric visual reinforcement audiometry, which basically means the child receives a reward each time he or she hears something and acknowledges it.

Eli hearing eval
Jack hearing eval

Video Inspection

Receive a very thorough diagnostic evaluation of your hearing beginning with video inspection of your ear canal for abnormalities continuing to your middle ear checking for fluid, Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, and other medical issues to the inner ear for a complete analysis of your hearing pitch by pitch with its impact on your understanding.

Video inspection prep
Video inspection of a child’s ear

Middle ear analysis

The middle ear is an air-filled cavity that turns sound waves into vibrations and delivers them to the inner ear. We need to find out how your eardrum moves, whether there’s fluid in that space, the volume of your ear canal, how the Eustachian tube functions, and how your muscles contract to loud sounds. We use tympanometry and acoustic reflexes to gather this information. This tests delivers small bursts of air pressure into the ear and is not painful.

Middle ear analysis in progress

Outer hair cell function testing

To treat your specific type of hearing loss, we do testing to measure the firing of the nerve fibers in your cochlea. This test can be done on children to determine if they respond to all frequencies of speech, which can tell us how well they’re doing with language development. We do this test using otoacoustic emissions, both transient evoked and distortion product. This test is also part of our tinnitus evaluations and is not painful.

Outer ear analysis Vera thumbs up

Video otoscopy test

This test helps us see if you have cerumen, or earwax in your canal, which can make it hard for you to hear. The video gives us a detailed view of your ear canal and eardrum.

Dizziness and balance testing

If you’re suffering from constant dizziness or bad balance, we can do special testing for that. This test is called an ENG/VNG, and it results in diagnosis-based vestibular rehabilitation protocols. This basically means that there are exercises you can do to cure your dizziness.

Tinnitus evaluations

If you hear ringing in your ears or suffer from what we call “head noise,” we can do a tinnitus evaluation. If this is the issue, we also offer counseling and retraining therapy. We match the tinnitus, which is helpful in the diagnosis, and it can lead us to the most effective treatment options.


No-cost hearing screenings

We offer a no-cost hearing screening to see how well you can hear at each of the 4 frequencies. We do this screening is a sound-treated booth meeting ANSI standards. This basic test only takes a few minutes, and it gives us a great starting point to see an overall profile of your current hearing.

Auditory processing evaluations

Hearing really happens in your brain. How well is your brain processing the sounds it receives? We can do an evaluation to determine what your brain is receiving properly. We also offer therapy to bring you back up to speed.

Noise protection

To conserve your hearing, we offer noise protection. We recommend this specifically for musicians, hunters, and competitive shooters.

Hearing loss simulations

Help your family understand how much you’re really missing. Our hearing loss simulator allows your family members to “hear” a simulation of your current hearing range.

Hearing aid repair

If you’re having an issue with your hearing aid, we offer repair services. This is available for most manufacturers and hearing aid models.

Hearing conservation and monitoring

We offer hearing conservation programs for businesses which includes all 5 elements for OSHA compliance. We also monitor hearing for patients on ototoxic medications, chemotherapy, and radiation. These things can affect your hearing, so keep a special eye on it.

Here’s what you can expect at Parr’s Pro Hearing

Hearing technology evaluation

Hearing loss is different for everyone, which means that your hearing aid will be specific to you. We discover together what works best and what your personal preferences are.

State-of-the-art hearing devices

Our goal is bring your hearing back to normal. That’s why we offer the best hearing aids on the market, including Starkey, Oticon, Phonak, and more.

Fittings verified with real ear measurements

This is the standard of care at Parr’s Pro Hearing. The fitting by the audiologist is the key to your best hearing.

Hearing device programmed for clarity

Even the highest-priced hearing aids will disappoint you if they are not programmed for your range of hearing.

Exceptional follow-up care

We guarantee exceptional follow-up care, and we provide ongoing personalized service at no cost.

Satisfaction for the life of your warranty

We continually check up on you and your hearing device to make sure you’re happy through the life your warranty.

You’re one click away from your best hearing yet.